Basic Income will be the defining policy of the 21st century. You can become part of the growing movement to guarantee the dignity and freedom of every individual.

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4 Ways to Put Basic Income on the Canadian Election Agenda

The Canadian general election 2015 has been called for October 19th. Millions of Canadians already support Basic Income, with national and regional advocacy groups, a number of provincial political parties and other organisations all calling for its implementation. Now it’s your turn to join the movement, here is what you can do to put Basic Income at the centre of the Candian election debate… […more]

How Will Basic Income Change Your Life? – 20 Powerful Social Media Quotes

A few weeks ago, we put out a call on social media using the hashtag #myBasicIncome, to know how you will spend your Basic Income. We were amazed with how many thoughtful, hopeful and sometimes heartbreaking responses we received. Below is just a selection of quotes which show how Basic Income will change people’s lives. […more]

6 quotes from Research Studies which show Basic Income Works

As we all know, Basic Income isn’t a hypothetical, ideal policy, it has been tested in a number of locations around the world with nearly universally positive effects. Here are just 6 of the many benefits shown by just 6 of the many studies on Basic Income. […more]

15 quotes that show Basic Income is the way forward

See what great thinkers and activists like Martin Luther King, Friedrich Hayek and Naomi Klein have to say about Basic Income. […more]

How to fund a Universal Basic Income in the USA

One of the most common problems for basic income cited is the fact that it is so expensive. This gives many people a reason to claim that basic income is unfeasible. Today, I hope to put a dent in this myth by giving a somewhat detailed plan regarding how basic income can be funded.. […more]

How to help promote Basic Income

One of the most common questions asked by Basic Income advocates is: How can I help? You might think you have to be rich or a politician to influence things but people power can make a difference. Here are some ways. […more]

12 reasons we need a Basic Income right now

Basic Income is a growing movement around the world, with many actions taking place in diverse locations and online. But some still consider this a nice idea for the future, not something that needs to be urgently implemented. This couldn’t be further from the truth and here are 12 reasons why. […more]

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